Move in Silence.

When I registered my business in 2019, I told only a few people who are genuinely supportive, happy for me, and caring. I gave my first few business cards to my best friend and a few family members. I didn’t give them a business card because they are my ideal client – I gave them the business card because I wanted to share my first step in the entrepreneurial path with them. During this time, I progressed in silence. I am not very public about my goals and ambitions. I don’t really share my next move. I usually do something and then share it after it has been done.

In the past, I was more open to sharing my goals and ambitions with other people – which in some cases, I regretted later. There were a few people who were discouraging me, putting their insecurities on me, and not taking me seriously. Telling my dreams and ambitions to this type of person gave me unnecessary negative energy.

Instead of convincing them that I am more than enough to pursue my dreams, I decided to move in silence. I tell a few about my next goal, my next move, and my successes. I share a few successes here and there on social media but not every single one of them. Not everyone needs to know. Only the people who matter in my life will know.

There is a saying that what is unknown cannot be ruined.

Move in the silence, pursue your goals and ambitions, and train yourself to not seek external validation and know that you are MORE than enough.


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