Live life on your terms, not on the terms of others.

Imagine you want to become the next best football player. You train like crazy every day. You set and meet weekly goals. You attend all football games to see the sport in action so that you can learn the best ‘shots’. You attend seminars and training relating to football strategy. You hang out with like-minded individuals. You are steadily building momentum until you fill your mind with limiting beliefs and the negativity of others. These limiting beliefs and external influences break your confidence and drive to keep going. And as a result, you decide to discontinue your goal to achieve your dream – despite all the progress you made already.

Unfortunately – this is not a rare story.

So many capable people give up and never see the fruits of their hard work.

It takes courage, perseverance, patience, and mental strength to stick through the challenging times and not let external influences impact your progress.

The reality is, some people like to see you give up on your goals. They simply don’t want to be reminded that someone else is doing better than them.

Will you live life on your terms or live a life that shrinks your potential to make someone else ‘comfortable’?

Life is too short to care about people who do not care about you.

If you got a dream, DO IT.

If your goals and progress intimidate a certain amount of people, they are simply not your kind of people.

They are walking red flags and should be avoided at all costs.

Give yourself permission to go after your goals and make history.

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