Kind Words

Here are a few kind words from my lovely followers who have been supporting me over the years. Thank you, I appreciate you and you have NO IDEA how your encouraging words helped me in the dark periods of my life. Thank you.

Kind regards, Donita

“You are so creative and optimistic, you should be one of a national motivators in your country, I won’t be surprised if I saw you in ted show one day as long as you are amazing, and you have the ability to inspire others smoothly. What I like actually in your posts, your actual words through life’s different perspectives and true incident depicted from our practical life”

Hussein Allam

“I still remember some your inspirational quotes and I visit your blog to charge me up!!””

— Ms Megala

“Your words always give me a more positive perspective to life, keep doing what you’re doing. Someday you’ll change the world more than you already have.””

— Erin

“I recently found Doni’s blog and instantly fell in love with it! Her quotes and texts are inspiring and true. The way she writes is amazing too, I really enjoy reading her posts! She is also so nice and definitely deserves more followers!!!”

— Rosina Lee

“I’m so glad you’re back Doni! I was missing your posts!! Your inspiration honestly does motivate me and I just love your blog a lot!”

— Tabi Bee