Never Doubt Your Capabilities.

Last week, I had a brand strategy session with a fellow business owner. They needed help with developing a cohesive personal brand. I usually run auditing sessions where I provide implementable feedback for a business’ website but doing a session that was brand focused was something new to me. Although I know one or two about branding, I haven’t taught anyone about it yet.

It actually made me a bit nervous since I had limited time to prepare for the session (less than 24 hours!). I didn’t cancel the call and turned up anyway. I tried my best to help them. It worked! They were so happy with my advice and had actionable steps to follow. Moral of the story? Believe in yourself, you never know what you can do. Just because you are uncomfortable with a situation doesn’t mean you are not good at it. You just need to try to prove that you are good at it.


2 responses to “Never Doubt Your Capabilities.”

  1. This is exactly what I needed to hear, starting a new job in something I’m familiar with, but not particularly knowledgable about. And like you, I have taught anyone on the subject yet, which is part of why I feel a little apprehensive. Thanks for this morning inspiration!

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    • Hey Stuart 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by my blog!
      I’m happy that my post inspired you! Totally agree, it is normal to feel nervous in a job or task that we are not familiar with or simply new to. I think we tend to be harsh on ourselves, putting unrealistic expectations such as performing the best in a totally new situation. Once we treat it as a learning curve, I feel like the pressure comes off 🙂


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