My mother sacrificed a lot in her youth to raise me and my siblings. It is my duty to help her and take care of her when she is unable to take care of herself. I’m striving to be a better daughter every day. From regular leg massages to washing the dishes to spending timeContinue reading “#mother”

Live life on your terms, not on the terms of others.

Imagine you want to become the next best football player. You train like crazy every day. You set and meet weekly goals. You attend all football games to see the sport in action so that you can learn the best ‘shots’. You attend seminars and training relating to football strategy. You hang out with like-mindedContinue reading “Live life on your terms, not on the terms of others.”

Make your life so interesting that there is no need to be interested in other people’s lives.

You see it everywhere. People are mindlessly following other people’s content. They can be called ‘stalkers’ and ‘snoopers’ based on the way they consume other people’s content. A sick and unbeneficial addiction. They watch videos of people cleaning their room. They watch videos of people sharing what they did on Monday. They watch videos ofContinue reading “Make your life so interesting that there is no need to be interested in other people’s lives.”

Prove them wrong.

If someone constantly tells you – “You can’t do anything” “You won’t amount to anything” “You are not capable” “You do not have what it takes” “You can’t do that” “Only a few succeed” “Stop dreaming” “You know you are being unrealistic?”. = Simply, PROVE THEM WRONG. Get to work and show who is boss.Continue reading “Prove them wrong.”

Private Success vs Public Success

Do you feel like sometimes people put you on a pedestal? People may think you have it all. People think you are at the height of success and want to be just like you? People think you live a perfect life but you know deeply you are not. You know exactly the life you liveContinue reading “Private Success vs Public Success”