You are not dumb. You just don’t do the work.

Not sure if anyone here can relate but I wasn’t that kid in school who had a great academic record. I bet most of my teachers thought I was creative and nice more than I was academically smart. For the longest time, I thought I was just not a smart kid. I thought my gradesContinue reading “You are not dumb. You just don’t do the work.”


I believe every single person on this earth has the ability to alter and change the direction of the world, for good. Every single person has the ability as well as the choice to make a positive difference in society. For example, imagine there is a group of people who constructed a stable road forContinue reading “#impact”

FOCUS on what you have, NOT what you don’t have.

Us humans tend to appreciate what we don’t have, compared to what we have currently. As a result, the search for more is endless and we can never be satisfied. There is nothing wrong with wanting more however, we should simultaneously be grateful for what we have. For me, I’m grateful for having a supportiveContinue reading “FOCUS on what you have, NOT what you don’t have.”