Be patient. It takes time to see the fruits of your hard work.

You cannot determine the success of a path until you stick to it for a reasonable amount of time. Most people quit before they bear the fruits of their hard work. Stick to one path and pursue it until you are successful. Everyone’s timelines are different and that’s fine. Focus on your timeline and takeContinue reading “Be patient. It takes time to see the fruits of your hard work.”


STOP the complaining and DO the work.

Most of us want great things. A nicer car. A bigger home. An increase in income. A healthier body. A better everything! We want so many great things but do we actually take action to ensure we gain these great things? Be HONEST with yourself. The easiest thing to do is to complain about theContinue reading “STOP the complaining and DO the work.”

Some people can be intimidated by your growth.

I went through a lot of lows, pains, and crazy situations throughout my childhood to adulthood. I had the choice to be a victim but decided I will never be one. I made the self-declaration to keep striving to improve my situation. Self-development and self-improvement are very important for me and it honestly SUCKS toContinue reading “Some people can be intimidated by your growth.”

Private Success vs Public Success

Do you feel like sometimes people put you on a pedestal? People may think you have it all. People think you are at the height of success and want to be just like you? People think you live a perfect life but you know deeply you are not. You know exactly the life you liveContinue reading “Private Success vs Public Success”