You are not dumb. You just don’t do the work.

Not sure if anyone here can relate but I wasn’t that kid in school who had a great academic record. I bet most of my teachers thought I was creative and nice more than I was academically smart.

For the longest time, I thought I was just not a smart kid. I thought my grades in school showcased my true intelligence. But recently at 25 years old and reflecting back on my schooling days, I had an epiphany. I realized I am not dumb. Majority of my school years – I never tried my best. I never did a proper job of studying. I did all the sins – I winged assessments, studied the day before the exam, and attempted questions using the knowledge of another subject…

I barely did the work and expected to get an ‘A+’. Clearly unrealistic expectations. I clearly had a bad work ethic. It is unfair for me to base my intelligence on the things I have done in the past which are not even my BEST work. I am not dumb, I just didn’t do the work.

Next time you beat yourself up and tell yourself how ‘dumb’ you are. Really analyze the situation objectively. Did you try your best? Was it your 100% best shot?

What are your thoughts? The comment section is all yours.


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