I believe every single person on this earth has the ability to alter and change the direction of the world, for good. Every single person has the ability as well as the choice to make a positive difference in society.

For example, imagine there is a group of people who constructed a stable road for villagers to walk safely in the forest. How many people did that group of people save from dangerous animals or simply, prevent injuries caused by tripping over vines and rocks? Clearly a lot! One small dirt road with a significant impact.

Think of the mother who raised ten children with morals, education, and good conduct. When they grow up, imagine the type of individuals these children will become? Surely, respectable individuals who have the desire, discipline, and courage to positively impact one’s family and society at large.

Your actions will impact your surroundings, big or small. Never think one good deed will go unnoticed, unappreciated, and impacted less. All good deeds add up to become a big deed. We need MORE people doing good to make our world and society a good and harmonious place. It takes one good person in a family to make the first step for the betterment of society.


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