Will you change your values when times are tough?

I recently remembered what Robert Kiyosaki said, a wealthy businessman and the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He said that tough times is a good test for a person’s character. Will you be a good person? Or will you be a bad person?

Tough times can really unearth the REAL you. 2020 was a unique year. This year, 2021 was another unique year. These two years, a variety of unexpected and difficult events occurred. These events have impacted how view things, how we value things and how we take actions. Difficult times will continue to happen to us, that is part of life. Happiness is not a constant occurrence nor is sorrow and sadness. Happiness and sorrow is blended in our lives, occurring in unexpected times. We cannot stop it but we can choose how to react to it and not impact our character. Your choices shape your character. Don’t let tough times impact the person you wish to be.


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