No one needs to know your dreams until you accomplish them.

I unfortunately learnt the hard way. Not everyone will respond positively when you share your dreams, goals and ambitions.

Based on my experience, majority of the responses were negative. Some tell me to be more ‘realistic’ or give me a nod of encouragement (I doubt they think I can do it). Majority of my life, I was seeking external validation and it mentally killed me over the years. It is not worth it. This year, I learnt the importance of internal validation. If I believe in myself, that is what matters.

Only you know your strengths and your plan to achieve your goal – no one else. If you believe in yourself, that is what matters. In the last three years I have undergone a fair bit of personal development and have hit some milestones I never thought I would hit in the past. I simply believed in myself and kept striving to hit my goals. My parents are surprised of my growth and didn’t think I would hit them. Moral of the story: you do not need someone to believe in you – the only person you need to believe in you is yourself.


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