When dreams are crushed.

You have a great dream.

You are so excited to pursue it.

You know that if you work hard and do everything necessary, you can achieve it.

You know the road map.

You know you got the skills.

You know you got the drive.

You know you got the patience.

You know you got what it takes.

You are excited and want to share your dream with someone else.

You decide to share your dream with someone who you trust and love.

But their response was not sweet.

They told you that your dream is unrealistic.

They told you to be grateful of what you have.

They told you to not have high expectations or standards.

They told you that you will be disappointed.

Their words hurt you.

Their words made you doubt yourself.

Their words made you to question your abilities.

But then you realized that this person in the past

cut their own wings

and decided to not pursue their dreams.

They let barriers prevent them.

They let external views, opinions and beliefs drain them.

They gave their power to external critics

and let them run their life.

They live a life

made by someone else.

They are not content.

They are not looking forward for the future.

They have no hope.

They have no desire.

They are now unhappy of their current situation

and know get frustrated of those who believe in themselves

and want to pursue their dreams.

They won’t encourage someone to do something they couldn’t.

These are not the type of people you should share your dreams with.

These are the people you should hide your dreams from.

These are the people you should prove wrong and inspire them to pursue their dreams.


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